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Beatmungsgerät Case Study PV1000 wherever they are needed. Save lives with pandemic ventilator

Intensive care ventilator

Remote development of an intensive medical ventilator with distributed teams.

BEGER DESIGN is specialised in the field of medical. Medical technology demands maximum efficiency and safety. This is achieved through the closely interlocked development and design of housings, control elements and user interfaces.

The PV-1000 ventilator is developed from scratch by different teams of experts exclusively remotely. Despite the adverse circumstances, this distributed, interactive development across many locations enables a product ready for approval in the shortest possible time.

Product Design

Final Product Design

The PV1000 – The People’s Ventilator is a simple and compact, yet full-featured intensive care ventilator suitable for meeting peak demand worldwide. The unit is supplied with pure medical gases from the compressed gas lines of a hospital and requires an electrical power supply (110 – 240 V AC). With a reduced range of functions regarding the forms of ventilation, the unit fulfils all relevant safety requirements of a series device.

Interface Design

Result of risk analysis

GUI – this stands for Graphical User Interface. This abbreviation describes a form of user interface of a computer, which makes the application software operable by means of graphic symbols and control elements.

The PV1000 also has such a GUI and within the project BEGER DESIGN is taking care of its development. The GUI is the interface between the ventilator and the user. Therefore, the communication of the interface must be unambiguous and easy to grasp. In an emergency, the medical staff must immediately recognise where the problem is and what to do.

Finales Interface Design

BEGER DESIGN puts a lot of energy into the design and development of the interface. Which values should be displayed in the basic state? How are alarms displayed? What form of navigation is particularly user-friendly?

These are precisely the questions the team answers to give the PV1000 an optimal interface.

Further development of the screens

Modular interface

Modern, flat design