Design at its best – BEGER DESIGN gewinnt IF DESIGN AWARD 2023

Design at its best – BEGER DESIGN gewinnt IF DESIGN AWARD 2023

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We are proud and pleased that BEGER DESIGN has won one of the two most important design awards this year – the iF DESIGN AWARD! Our central workstation for the integration and control of all medical devices in the operating theatre convinced the jury in the category “User Interface Concepts”.

Surgical X-WORKSTATION 4.0 Concept

User Interface Design for a SMART OR
The Surgical X-Workstation 4.0 enables for the first time a smart, manufacturer-independent network of medical technology in the operating room. However, the networking of different components in the operating room poses new challenges for the design and usability of the central technology management interface. The user interface not only integrates all medical devices in the OR but also creates a safe and user-oriented human- machine interaction in the OR, for the benefit of patient safety.

What does Surgical X-Workstation 4.0 stands for?

For more individuality
All devices can be viewed and operated as individual devices or some relevant can be grouped. These function groups can be assembled and adapted as a modular system, individually depending on the requirements for the operating step or preferences.

For a modular design
In modern operating rooms various medical devices are controlled by a single unit – our Surgical X-Workstation 4.0. The Workstation is the hub between all devices that is why it is called Surgical X-Workstation 4.0.

For an optimized workflow
• Direct access via the central control system
• improved collaboration through optimization of the OR workflow
• safe operability
• effective and efficient control in the OR
• sterile operation by the surgeon
• integration of WHO checklist

And of course for innovation
This can be found in a uniform, user-friendly and process-supporting operability by exploiting learned operating patterns of smartphones and tablets.
It is possible to switch quickly between individual device views and individual functional group views.

Who benefits?

Design aspects of Surgical X-Workstation 4.0

Or take a look at our
x-Workstation live at DMEA
in Berlin from 25.04. – 27.04.2023.
Hall 3.2, Booth E-117