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Design at its best – BEGER DESIGN gewinnt IF DESIGN AWARD 2023
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We are proud and pleased that BEGER DESIGN has won one of the two most important design awards this year…

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One Input max Outcome
One input – maximum benefit
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Everything from a single source – maximum benefit from your input Different departments in your company need different material to…

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Interface Design
Case Study Interface Design
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Case Study Interface Design The task of user interface design is to make complex technology intuitively accessible. Visit our case…

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Case Study 3D Animation
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Case Study 3D Visualization Die 3D-Visualisierung beschreibt die Konvertierungen von zweidimensionalen Daten zu dreidimensionale Modellen für eine fotorealistische Darstellung eines…

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Case Study Augmented Reality
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Case Study Augmented Reality  Augmented Reality “augmented reality” describes the extension of reality by virtual elements.   Visit our Case…

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Case Study Imagefilm
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Case Study Imagefilm The new Arc generation.   Visit our Study Case page here

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Case Study Launch Event
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Streaming – Event from BOWA MEDICAL about the introduction of the new ARC generation   Visit our CaseStudy page here

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The world need breath. Ventilator PV1000 INTENSIVMEDIZINISCHES BEATMUNGSGERÄT COVID-19 has a firm grip on the year 2020 and poses a…

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(Deutsch) PriMed
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Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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ZiMT – Certifiable integrated medical technology in surgery and clinic. Operating room 4.0 For more safety and efficiency through open…

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